Baby Names

Too many things with Social Security data

This project started as an examination of baby names in America using Social Security Administration Data and slowly grew into several connected projects. When my wife and I were trying to pick a name for our first child, I got fed up with all the janky websites offering up popular names and wanted to dig into the data myself. While the data analysis didn’t pick the name for us, it did help whittle down the list of names and come up with new possibilities.

Explore For Yourself

Want to see a name’s popularity trend over time? Compare up to four names at a time on my shiny page!

Need Help Picking a Name Everyone likes?

Sign up with your partner (or partners) on our name matching website to get suggested names and see which ones you all like. Name recommendations are currently randomized, but with enough users we will roll out a recommendation engine to speed up your search for the perfect name.

Note that this website is under active development and features are being added frequently.

Popularity Over Time

Interested in the most popular name by year? Want to know just how popular the most popular name is? Check out this rmarkdown post

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